Get Ready For The Wellness Summit As You've Never Seen It Before

September 10 and 11, 2016

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


To say this will be our biggest
Wellness Summit ever doesn't come lightly.
After 3 sellout Summits, this year's includes -

Your favourite presenters like you've NEVER seen them before (SERIOUSLY). Some very special GUEST speakers (still a secret). Our BIGGEST world class exhibition of the latest and greatest wellness products and services. THE MOST inspirational, transformational and educational content we could possibly put together.

Oh, and A LOT of fun.

This Summit is the Surprise Summit - get ready for the greatest wellness show on earth to hit the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 10 & 11 for 16 hours of powerhouse wellness.


There’s only so much information you can share on a podcast! With over 15 podcasts now on The Wellness Couch we recognise that listening to a podcast is one thing, but having the accountability of learning alongside other wellness enthusiasts is an entirely different game.

Podcasts are lonely! We LOVE meeting our listeners in the flesh and hearing your stories of success. They are truly inspiring and are the fuel that keep us doing what we do.

Wellness is overwhelming. Whilst we do everything we can to bring clarity to wellness through our podcasts, NOTHING compares to workshopping your way through the wellness maze at a live event.


Anyone who is interested being a healthy, more vibrant version of themselves. Anyone who wants the LATEST information on any of the following health topics: gluten-free living, the ideal diet, fermentation, hormones, mindset, rituals, values & beliefs, functional exercise and more. Anyone who is wanting to enter the health and wellness industry and looking for a peer group to associate and network with. Anyone who wants to raise a healthy family and share the wisdom of the wellness lifestyle with their children, siblings, spouses, parents and extended family. Anyone who is looking to create an outstanding peer group of like-minded people. With over 600 others at the Summit, it’s nigh on impossible to leave without collecting one phone number and organising one date with a new friend!


Anyone who is looking for a magic bullet to their health problems (as Dr John Demartini says, “Those looking for the magic bullet often get shot”!) Anyone looking for someone else to do the work for them. We can’t exercise for you, eat well for you, or think well for you! Anyone wanting to be an intellect without actually applying anything. In our view, “to know and not to do is not to know”. Whilst we’ll be sharing with you the latest and greatest information, the biggest endorsement you can give yourself is by executing what rings true to you..


Over the course of 15 hours you will be taken on an adventure of education, entertainment and empowerment in the pursuit that you will be inspired to play a bigger game in your own life (no matter how big or small it already is).

Our intention is to inspire the living daylights out of you so that you are truly jumping out of your skin to raise the bar and take the people you love the most along the ride with you.


Damian Kristof

Founder - Forage Cereal, Chiropractor, Speaker, Podcaster

Dr Damian Kristof is an international speaker and lecturer who instills passion and zest in all his audience. His lighthearted but content rich presentations bring compelling and enlightening messages, which will inspire and stimulate all.

To experience Damian Kristof and his power to motivate and transform your constitution he offers half day, full day or multiple day packages as a mentor, lecturer or keynote speaker for any vocation.

The Power of Food

Damian shares his wisdom on health, healing and empowerment in an ‘edutainment’ fashion that will give you action steps and tools that you will never forget. He has the ability to reshape and transform the way you view food and health in a way that only Damian Kristof can!

Peak Performance

Damian is passionate about optimal performance and potential at work and play and offers Peak Performance Management; ideal for corporate industry. His high energy, revealing and relevant content complements the entertainment Damian brings to his powerful presentations.

Laurence Tham

Chiropractor, Business Coach and Podcast Host

Dr. Laurence is the founder of Drive Your Practice, a coaching program focused on getting chiropractors out of survival into sustainability and success. His programs -Ignition, Turbo and Nitro are designed to build certainty, communication and credibility. These programs utilize unique business strategies along with human communication skills to simplify the Chiropractic Practice. Dr. Laurence is renowned as a “Thought Leader” who takes complex ideas / concepts and transforms them into concise applications and strategies into daily practices. His goal is to create successful chiropractors by enhancing their patients’ / clients‘ chiropractic experiences.

Laurence is co-founder and co-host of The Wellness Guys Show, a weekly podcast show dedicated to bringing “wellness” into people’s lives. The show is a phenomenal hit reaching #1 in Australia on iTunes in less than 4 months and is also in the Top 50 in the US iTunes charts. He is also the co-founder of The Wellness Couch which has subsequently produced numerous top 10 listed health podcasts including Up for a Chat and That Paleo Show. Dr. Laurence is also the host of Inside the Champion’s Mind the #1 self-help podcast on iTunes.

He graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Canada in 2002 before moving to Australia with his wife Karen. He is well versed in numerous 'gentle' chiropractic techniques suitable for all ages. He is well versed in numerous “gentle” chiropractic techniques suitable for all ages and personally tailors his approach to each individual’s requirements. Laurence used to practice at one of the largest chiropractic practices in Perth which has been servicing the community for over 25 years. A father of two, Laurence is focused on “Wellness Care” for the entire family … including babies, kids, teenagers, adults and elderly.

Brett Hill

Chiropractor, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Paleo Warrior

Dr Brett Hill is a wellness expert, chiropractor and author of the life-changing book How To Eat An Elephant. He regularly appears on TV, radio and in print, and his media appearances, seminars, coaching and consulting have inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live a long, happy, healthy life full of energy and vitality.

In his early 20s, Dr Brett realised that it was time to make a change. He had been the kind of child who was always sick – not terribly sick, but not terribly well either. For as long as he could remember he had suffered from coughs and colds at least half a dozen times a year, he didn’t sleep well, was low in energy and not particularly fit. He realised that he had been doing the same things over and over again (including regular doses of antibiotics) and kept getting the same results. He decided to do something different.

Dr Brett realised that if he wanted better health he was going to have to make better choices. At the time he thought nothing of a lunch consisting of a pie, a pasty, a 1.25L soft drink and a chocolate bar. He would regularly go out and drink more than he should, and he did little to no exercise. Something had to give. Over the course of the next decade he gradually turned his life around. He started getting regular chiropractic care, cleaned up his diet, started exercising well and in the process he learnt what it takes to make real life-long changes to lifestyle and health.

In the process Dr Brett has been able to share his journey with his fabulous wife Rebecca and now their two gorgeous children Tom and Charlotte, who have inspired Dr Brett to take his message to the world in order to create a healthier environment for his family to thrive in.

Dr Brett’s websites, articles, videos, media appearances and books have inspired people all over the world to make drastic changes for the better in their life and their health.

Kale Brock


Kale Brock, otherwise known as ‘The Fermented Food Guy’, is a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Certified Exercise Coach (The CHEK Institute). He has worked in the health and wellness industry since 2007 alongside some of the best Naturopaths in Australia and other health personalities like David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis.

Kale has honed a well-rounded and practical healing approach which has seen thousands of normal people achieve abundant health! After overcoming his own serious health issues as a teenager using nutrition and lifestyle tools, Kale developed a passion for researching and sharing health information with the public, particularly within the area of probiotics and gut health.

Kale has worked as a TV presenter for Network Ten, a public speaker, health and exercise coach and personal development strategist.

Jo Whitton

Author, Blogger, Whole Foods Cook & Speaker

Jo lives with her family in country Far North Queensland, Australia, where she runs her Quirky Cooking business from home and enjoys the country life. Jo has always loved cooking, and was blessed to grow up in a family where whole food cooking was the norm. Jo's mum encouraged them to learn to cook from an early age, and cooking for her became a way to express her creativity, as well as a way to nurture her family.

Despite eating mostly wholefoods, however, Jo struggled with food intolerances as a child (not knowing what was making her sick). As she got older, her health grew worse. When Jo's own children came along, they also had similar health issues, and Jo began to search for solutions. Jo started experimenting with alternate ingredients, and healthier versions of old favourites. At the end of 2008, Jo decided to share her creations on a blog (Quirky Cooking) to help those who also needed healthy, allergy-friendly recipes. In May 2014, Jo published my Quirky Cooking cookbook with Thermomix in Australia, and within a week it was a best seller. Jo began to teach in seminars and classes, showing how and why Jo cooks the way she does, and sharing her recipes and tips with audiences all over Australia and overseas.

Over the last couple of years, Jo's focus has shifted from ‘allergy friendly’ to ‘gut healing’, as Jo began to understand the importance of a healthy digestive system for overall health. Her son’s struggles with severe anxiety and OCD led them to the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet, in an effort to heal his brain by healing his gut. Jo decided to start this podcast to document our journey of healing through GAPS, as well as to share the stories and research of others on a similar mission.

Carren Smith

Wellness Speaker

Having spoken to groups from 20 to 2000, Carren leaves her audience feeling inspired to take action and make positive changes in their life, their business and in their relationships.

Through working with numerous well known companies and thousands of individuals, Carren has developed phenomenal tools for delivering success through leadership, negotiation, responsibility and productivity enhancement techniques.

Described as “leading the way and hard driving toward inventive solutions for development”, Carren is untiring and inspiring in her approach toward business and people and the methods required to create powerful outcomes for her audiences.

As a survivor of the 2002 Bali Bombing along with many other challenges which include the suicide of her De Facto and the personal impact of the 2004 Tsunami on her family, Carren’s comprehension value, time, creativity and the meaning of life, charges her presentations with passion, credibility and a deep and genuine commitment to extraordinary achievements for people.

Kim Morrison

Founder and Creator of Twenty8 Chemical-free Skincare and Aromatherapy, Best-Selling Author, Health and Lifestyle Educator

Kim Morrison is the founder and creator of Twenty8 Chemical-free Skincare and Aromatherapy, a five times best selling author and Health and Lifestyle Educator. She set a world record as the youngest female to run 100miles in less than 24 hours. Cliff Young was her mentor throughout and still to this day lives by his ethos that success is 90% mental and 10% physical. She has used her running experiences as a direct metaphor for life – riding the highs, hitting the walls, pushing through the pain barriers, understanding people, knowing one’s constraints and strengths, crossing the line and never, ever giving up! She believes combining your inner power and passion, applying self-discipline, actioning daily rituals and having truck loads of self-belief and awareness is what distinguishes you as an achiever. She also knows it is about visualising your dream and going for it – regardless of the feedback you receive or the challenges you face. As an aromatherapist, remedial sports therapist, PT, personality trainer and a multi-tasking mum and wife, Kim shares the essential tools and rituals she has studied for decades to master self-care, relationship dynamics, self-discipline, leadership, teamwork, chemical-free living and most of all how to embrace an attitude with sparkle!

Marcus Pearce

Founder - Exceptional Life Blueprint, CEO - The Wellness Coach, Speaker, Coach, Podcaster

In a former life Marcus Pearce was a workaholic journalist, radio and television producer. That past life included an obsession with AFL football, which led him to create The Run Home on Victorian all-sports station SEN 1116, and work as an associate producer at Channel Nine’s The Footy Show.

That life also included years as a smoking, binge-drinking, overweight, pimply statistic-waiting-to-happen.

The transformation from an addicted smoker to extreme (not necessarily healthy) vegan (sometimes raw) and now back again to somewhere in the middle has taken him on an incredible journey where he’s met and worked with a range of leaders in the health and empowerment world including Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini and Eddie McGuire.

Marcus is passionate about teaching people not to silently approve what we read in the papers and online, watch on TV and listen to on the radio. Instead, Marcus is about relentlessly challenging people to be their own person, their own “scientific researcher”, their own creator of health, so that they can live their life on their own terms and not someone else’s.

The Merrymaker Sisters

health and happiness advocates, passionate entrepreneurs and health coaches

Emma and Carla, also known as the Merrymaker Sisters, are health and happiness advocates, passionate entrepreneurs and health coaches, who are on a mission to merrymake over the world.

They’re here to help you discover a way of living that will make you feel and look your best!

A life that isn’t controlled by what you can and can’t eat. A less stressed life where you feel energised and inspired every day!

In 2012, they discovered a different way of living… They were fed up with counting calories and sick of the guilt we felt after eating, with low self-esteem and super confused by all the information that was being thrown at them.

They were in this obsessive whirlwind of fad diets, quick fixes and negative body image.

‘Health’ to them used to mean: losing weight, eating less and more exercise.

They found another way, a better way, a much more fun and delish-filled way to live… …and they want to share it with you.

Their philosophy is less stress is best, in every possible way. ESPECIALLY when it comes to food.

You have better things to do than feel guilty about past meals and anxious about what you’re going to eat next.

Life doesn’t have to be controlled around the food you eat.

hen you live a Merrymaker Lifestyle, you eat real food.

They don’t care if you’re paleo, vegan, vegetarian, bulletproof, etc.

The Merrymaker Lifestyle is about adding more GOOD to your life (and your plate!).

Tim Robards

Founder -THE ROBARDS METHOD, Chiropractor

Tim Robards has one of the most chiselled and recognisable faces (and body) in Australia and is known for his dedication to health, fitness and clean living,

Already a successful Sydney Chiropractor with his own practice, it was through his lead role on the very first Australian version of popular format The Bachelor, that launched Tim in to the spotlight. This ratings winner on Network Ten was soon followed by a guest appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and then on Seven Network’s top rating show Dancing With The Stars.

Born and raised in Newcastle and a successful model since his late teens, it was Tim’s love of sport and figuring out how things work that led him to study physics and then an Exercise Science and Rehabilitation degree. This background has given Tim a great platform to work from as he is now a Doctor of chiropractic. He is a firm believer that if you don't use it you lose it!

Now in his early thirties, Tim works for a chiropractic clinic in Sydney and has previously co-owned several of his own clinics.

In 2015 after years in the planning Tim proudly launched his own fitness program, The Robards Method. TRM is about simplifying the approach to optimal health so people can live an inspired, fun and active life. The program isn’t just for elite athletes; in fact it is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Tim guides you through exercise, nutrition and diet to help you become the very best version of yourself. TRM is designed for both females and males and has had a very successful subscription level since launching.

September 10 and 11, 2016

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

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